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Lethally Deficient: Direct Appeals in Texas Death Penalty Cases

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Towards Transparent Justice: The Michael Morton Act’s First Year

Improving Discovery in Criminal Cases in Texas: How Best Practices Contribute to Greater Justice

Minimizing Risk: A Blueprint for Death Penalty Reform in Texas

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Deadly Speculation: Misleading Texas Capital Juries with False Predictions of Future Dangerousness

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Lethal Indifference: The Fatal Combination of Incompetent Attorneys and Unaccountable Courts

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A State of Denial:Texas Justice and the Death Penalty

Chapter 1 – Brief Overview
Chapter 2 – Official Misconduct
Chapter 3 – Junk Science
Chapter 4 – Race & the Death Penalty
Chapter 5 – Mental Retardation
Chapter 6 – Inadequacy of Council
Chapter 7 – Sham Appeals
Chapter 8 – Myth of Meaningful Review
Chapter 9 – Bitter Harvest